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ZYTAZE® Nutritional Support

Learn how ZYTAZE® can work for you

ZYTAZE® is a medical food that provides nutritional support to enhance and prolong the effects of botulinum toxin injections such as BOTOX® and Dysport®. Botulinum toxin works by paralyzing the response of the muscles in the targeted areas. The botulinum toxin achieves this by locating and affecting zinc molecules located within the body. It follows that the body requires an adequate amount of zinc in order for the Botox or Dysport procedures to work effectively.

However, even though zinc-rich foods can be found in abundance, such as in the form of eggs, beans and red meat, the body doesn’t necessarily absorb zinc from these foodstuffs that easily. This happens as many of these foodstuffs can simultaneously also block the absorption of zinc. Without the presence of zinc in the body, the botulinum toxin can’t do its job, and thus requires more frequent need for injections.

In an early pilot study, increasing zinc levels with ZYTAZE® demonstrated remarkable results. Formulated with a unique blend of organic zinc and phytase, an enzyme that aids zinc absorption, ZYTAZE® has been found to extend the duration of botulinum toxin injections by almost 30 percent. Each ZYTAZE pill contains 25 mg of zinc citrate, as well as around 1500 mg of phytase. Phytase is effective in breaking down phytates, which are compounds that boost zinc absorption from foodstuffs. The use of these active ingredients improves the effect of botulinum toxin and provides a longer-lasting result.

By adding ZYTAZE to your diet post your Botox or Dysport injections, you give your body the added boost it needs to effectively absorb zinc from the foods you consume. This zinc then interacts with the botulinum toxin from the injectables, and extends the effectiveness and support you get from the botulinum toxin. A safe way to get more out of your cosmetic injectables, ZYTAZE is a prescription-only medication. You will need to consult your doctor before you can purchase the product.

ZYTAZE®, from OCuSOFT is available in a blister pack of 10 capsules through The Bressler Center or with a prescription at your local pharmacy. Simply take 2 capsules each day for 4 days prior to and on the day of your injections.

Potential benefits of ZYTAZE®

  • Reduced need for frequent injections
  • Cost savings
  • Better, longer-lasting and more consistent results

To understand whether ZYTAZE is the right fit for you, and whether you can benefit from this nutritional supplement, ask Dr. Bressler if ZYTAZE® is right for you. Call now to make an appointment. ZYTAZE has been tested and found to be effective in maintaining the results obtained from botulinum toxin injections, without creating adverse health reactions in patients.

For frequently asked questions (FAQs), visit the ZYTAZE® website.

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