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Revision rhinoplasty is often performed when an individual is either unhappy with the results of their primary rhinoplasty procedure or if they develop issues as a result of their initial rhinoplasty. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Fred J. Bressler specializes in procedures of the nose and has performed numerous rhinoplasty revisions with incredibly successful results.

Questions and Answers About Revision Rhinoplasty

What is revision rhinoplasty and what is its purpose?

The goal in revision rhinoplasty is to improve the aesthetic and/or functional aspects of the nose after a patient has had previous nasal surgery. It is important to understand that revision rhinoplasty is different from primary rhinoplasty in that a special surgical expertise is required to diagnose and treat the underlying anatomical abnormalities and scarring that has occurred from a previous rhinoplasty.

After rhinoplasty elsewhere, I am unhappy with my nose. What can you do?

Patients’ disappointment with their aesthetic rhinoplasty result can be quite discouraging. You have invested time, money, and recovered from this surgery only to arrive with a displeasing outcome. Some patients may become disillusioned with their surgeon or the plastic surgery process in general. Dr. Fred Bressler specializes in revision rhinoplasty and receives multiple consultations from referring physicians, patients, and their families for this purpose. If we feel as though improvement is possible with revision rhinoplasty, we will take your hand and slowly gain your confidence and trust to provide you not only with a pleasing result, but a memorable and enjoyable surgical experience.

After rhinoplasty elsewhere my nose looks great, but I can’t breathe! What now?

A frequent complication with rhinoplasty is that the cosmetic aspects of the nose may be appealing; however, the functional or breathing qualities are the same or worsened. Dr. Fred Bressler is a trained Head and Neck Surgeon and Facial Plastic Surgeon and therefore capable of treating the functional and aesthetic concerns concomitantly. He understands the inherent aesthetic, anatomic, and physiologic characteristics of the nose. Respecting these properties, adhering to good surgical principles, and having an artistic perspective are what make Dr. Bressler an excellent revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

What else can I expect when considering revision rhinoplasty?

The most common issue with revision rhinoplasty patients is that the nose has an over-operated or unnatural appearance. This can result from over-resection of the cartilaginous framework of the nose. If the septal cartilage (the wall that separates the two sides of the nose) has been violated, removed, or injured, other sources of cartilage may need to be used in order to reconstruct and reshape the nose. These may include ear cartilage, rib cartilage, or irradiated cadaveric rib cartilage.

Every nose is inherently different, and the results from previous surgeries will all vary. It may take the swelling slightly longer to dissipate when compared to your primary rhinoplasty post-operative course. We know that you may be anxious and apprehensive regarding having another nasal surgery. At The Bressler Center we will sit down and explain the entire surgical and post-operative process in detail. Your images will be reviewed, analyzed, and reshaped digitally. We will discuss what you can expect during the recovery phase and as a result. If you are a good candidate for revision rhinoplasty, in our hands, your aesthetic and/or functional outcome will be significantly refined and enhanced.

Will I need cartilage taken from other places to repair my nose?

Ear cartilage or rib cartilage may be needed for grafts during revision rhinoplasty. Depending on the presence and amount of residual septal cartilage, these other sources of cartilage are frequently necessary to provide structural integrity back to the nose.

Removing ear cartilage will NOT alter the shape of the ear. Post operatively there is minimal pain from the ear and there are no stitches to be removed.

Rib cartilage (costal cartilage) requires a small incision in the fold under the breast or chest. The scar heals extremely well in this fold and is hidden by the bra/bikini in women. The pain is well tolerated post-operatively.

Before and After Images

Actual Revision Rhinoplasty Patient Results


Click here to view more revision rhinoplasty results achieved by Houston facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Fred J. Bressler.

What Is the Cost of Rhinoplasty Revision?

The cost of your rhinoplasty revision in Houston will be based on several important factors. Cost can vary based on the techniques used, the work required, and more. During your consultation with Dr. Bressler, he can let you know what the expected cost of your rhinoplasty revision will be and let you know about the payment options available to you.

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Dr. Fred Bressler is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in Houston and has provided numerous patients with beautiful and natural-looking results from their rhinoplasty revision in Houston. If you are unhappy with the results of your rhinoplasty procedure, contact our office today to schedule a consultation for your rhinoplasty revision.

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