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Questions and Answers About Cosmetic Skin Treatments

My skin is showing signs of aging. Do you have some suggestions that could help?

As we age, we begin to notice changes in the texture of our skin. Sun spots, dilated tiny blood vessels (telangiectasias), different pigments and increased wrinkles. At The Bressler Center Skin Spa, we will perform a professional assessment of your skin texture, quality and features. We will provide information regarding treatment options that can help to give your face and neck a more uniform appearance, fewer blemishes, decreased wrinkles and improved texture.

With so many options, which one would be best for me?

At The Bressler Center Skin Spa, we know that each person’s skin is unique. Even in the same family, no two people are alike. Likewise, there’s no single solution to help achieve healthy skin. With that premise in mind, we base all of our skin-care recommendations on an individual evaluation.

Every skin-care evaluation begins with a consultation, for which there is no charge. During this time, the patient and the aesthetician discuss primary concerns. What does a woman or a man what to achieve? What are the issues? The problems might include tone, hyperpigmentation, laxity, skin tightening, wrinkles, scars. Once we identify the problem areas, we can begin to make recommendations.

We are fortunate to have a variety of options when it comes to making a change in a person’s skin. We have pharmaceutical grade skin-care regimes, such as Obagi, that are excellent for correcting problems such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. We also have a variety of lasers that help with exfoliation, skin tone and overall freshening of the skin.

Depending on a patient’s age, the remedies range from vitamins to topical ointments, such as the Retin A products, to peels. We have excellent resources that can help us with acne pitting and scars. We have treatments that produce results with a minimum of down time. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and photofacials can help with a variety of conditions. From life-changing treatments that reduce scars to cosmetic treatments for hair removal, each concern and each treatment is specifically tailored to each patient.

When a decision is made to invest in skin treatments, it is our goal at The Bressler Center Skin Spa to be certain that each and every patient gets the right treatment for the right result.

What is the eMatrix System, and how do you use it to treat skin conditions?

The eMatrix Skin Rejuvenation System is a unique, non-laser technique used to effectively treat many skin concerns, including fine wrinkles, scars, acne scars, laxity, textural irregularities, tone, superficial skin lesions and brown spots.

eMatrix is a sublative treatment, which means it is designed to work below the surface of the skin. eMatrix sends energy deep into the dermis skin layer, leaving the surface skin unharmed and targeting the areas where the problems originate. Working on the layers below, collagen production is stimulated and the turnover rate is increased. While ablative techniques are designed to remove the top layer of skin and can require several days of recovery, the eMatrix works below, so recovery time is minimal with only mild redness in most cases.

‘There are so many instances when a patient could benefit from an eMatrix Rejuvenation treatment. Sometimes surgery is not the answer. A patient who is concerned with the appearance of fine lines or larger pores and the general health of his/her skin will find that eMatrix is ideal. As well, patients who are ready for plastic surgery can benefit from eMatrix treatment before surgery, so the skin can be ready.

eMatrix offers three levels of treatment, shallow, medium and deepest, so patients can get the exact level of rejuvenation.

What do you recommend to address aging skin?

One of our most successful resources for combating aging skin is the triniti™ facial treatment system. triniti employs three different types of stand-alone skin treatments utilizing the Syneron™ el?s technology: the FotoFacial RF™, the Refirme™ and the Matrix IR™. El?s technology combines bi-polar radiofrequency energy with heated light/laser energy allowing depleted collagen and elastin to be remodeled and renewed. The beauty of this skin series is that it provides facial renewal in only three to five treatment sessions.

Which trinity treatment would be best for me?


  • The FotoFacial RF™ portion targets vascular and pigmented lesions to improve the skin’s uniformity and tone, helping eliminate sunspots, small blood vessels and rosacea. After the treatment, vascular lesions fade from sight while pigmented lesions darken and flake away within a week or so.

  • The Refirme™ applicator stimulates long-term collagen synthesis as well as the tightening of existing collagen fibers, giving an immediate firmed and tightened appearance. The procedure uses a combination of gentle pulsed infrared light and bipolar radio frequency to provide deep dermal heating. This will provide mild to moderate improvement to laxity in the brow, jowls, neck and cheek region.

  • The Matrix IR™ fractional applicator delivers more focused energy to target zones, promoting fast collagen renewal and remodeling for a smoother appearance. The laser energy is delivered in a form of micro-beams creating matrix thermal bands. This fractional energy enables the introduction of more focused energy into demarcated zones in the dermis to denature and remodel collagen. The fractional aspect of this technology provides a quicker recovery time (one to two days) with a similar efficacy to lasers of the past. It will significantly improve the appearance of face and neck wrinkles.

If you are experiencing aging skin, uneven skin tone, spider veins, sun-damaged skin, saggy brow lines and nasolabial folds, jowl and neck laxity, sagginess under the eyes and wrinkles – the triniti Skin Series can be the right treatment for you.

triniti treatment is safe and effective for most skin types and skin colors. It is excellent for patients who are looking for a no-downtime, pain-free, fast and cost-effective non-surgical facial renewal treatment.

At the end of the treatment series, patients observe:

  • Improvement in the appearance of spider veins, age spots, uneven skin tone and sun-damaged skin;
  • Tightened and firmed skin; and
  • Smooth skin texture through wrinkle reduction.

Are all three of the triniti system treatments required?

Absolutely not. If you simply have facial rosacea which you find bothersome, the FotoFacial alone will provide you with an excellent aesthetic result. For those patients who are unwilling to undergo surgical facial rejuvenation and only want a modest change, using the Matrix IR would be an excellent option to tighten skin. If you only want to treat your wrinkles, the Matrix IR is a perfect choice.

What is the recovery time after receiving treatment with triniti?

This is the most exciting aspect of this new technology. The longest recovery time is typically one to two days mainly after the Matrix IR fractional treatments.

What is microdermabrasion and what conditions does it alleviate?

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure designed for rejuvenation of the skin, particularly on the face. The non-invasive procedure removes the dead and damaged layer of skin cells, promoting the growth of collagen.

Microdermabrasion treatment can be done in between skin-rejuvenation treatments, two weeks following a treatment or one week prior to the next treatment.

Microdermabrasion typically consists of five to seven treatments seven to 10 days apart. It resurfaces the outer layer of the skin allowing for healthy revitalized skin to grow in its place. It is quite tolerable and feels like a scratchy sensation on the face. The procedure takes about 20 minutes for the entire face and you can expect to have a pinkish hue for about 24 hours.

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