Plastic Surgery Center Houston


Our Philosophy and Goals

Provide you with the optimal cosmetic surgery experience

Here at The Bressler Center for Facial Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, you will participate in a new genre of cosmetic surgery where the focus is on you. Our goal is to make you look as good as you feel – and to make the entire experience both positive and pleasurable, from the time you arrive until the moment you leave.

Patients frequently tell us that they are actually excited to come back to our office for their follow-up visits, skin-care treatments, and BOTOX® or filler injections.

We want you to be excited. We want your experience at The Bressler Center to be unlike any other health-care encounter you’ve had in the past – one that will lead, ultimately, to a positive difference in your life. After all, you are investing in yourself, your appearance to the world, and most importantly, in the one aspect that people pay closest attention to, your face. What could be more important than that?


What to Expect

A soothing environment and personalized treatment

You deserve to be treated with respect, empathy, and tender loving care. From your first appointment at The Bressler Center, we will make sure you are welcomed into a friendly environment, designed to relax and soothe your nerves.

Upon entering our reception area, you will be greeted by our administrative assistant who, rather than hiding behind frosted glass, sits out in the open, ready to assist and entertain you during your brief wait.

As you interact with our staff, you will find caring individuals whose goal during each visit is to provide you with the best results and aesthetic outcome, and to make your cosmetic surgery experience enjoyable. And, as we provide you with personalized treatment, your trip through our office will be smooth and seamless.

Consultation Room

Our Patient Process

Focus on you and your facial goals and expectations

At The Bressler Center, our patient process has evolved through many years of practice. When the process is complete, we want you to be comfortable with your choices and knowledgeable about the expected results. At every turn, we will take time to calm your anxieties, explain what we’re doing and why, and give you sufficient details about the surgical procedures to help you make an educated decision. We will treat you like the special individual you are, and you can count on having our undivided attention.

To begin, you will spend time in a unique patient-consultation suite where, together, we will assess your concerns and discuss possible solutions. As we talk, we will study your facial features and listen to your goals. Through the use of actual patient photographs, you will be able to envision the natural-looking changes that plastic surgery can offer. Then, using our computer imaging equipment, we will view your face and watch as changes in your appearance evolve.

ClinicDuring your consultation you may also meet with our aesthetician, who will perform a professional assessment of your skin texture, quality and features. She will provide information regarding pre- and post-operative skin treatments that will help provide your face and neck with an enhanced aesthetic outcome.

The options that we describe to accomplish the look you are seeking may be a multi-step process or a one-time rejuvenation treatment. But the ultimate decision will be yours – which you will be able to confidently reach after the information exchange in our office.

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