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Questions and Answers About Face and Neck Lifts

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At our practice in Houston, facelift surgery is the most popular procedure. With several years of experience, Dr. Bressler is known by his patients as the best Houston facelift surgeon and has delivered beautiful results to his patients.

Below, you’ll find questions and answers to address the main points of the surgery. Please book a consultation with Dr. Bressler to learn more about the procedure and how he can help restore your youthful appearance.

What signs or changes in my face would a face or neck lift address?

You may notice that your jawline is not quite as sharp and defined as in the past. There are bands coming down your neck from your chin. The angle of your neck has become more obtuse and less defined. A good test to see if the look of a face and neck lift appeals to you is to take a hand mirror and lay down flat in bed. Look at your jawline and neck in this position and this may give you a better idea of what a face/neck lift can do for you.

What can I expect when considering a face or neck lift?

Everyone’s faces and necks age differently. You may have read or heard about different types of facelifts. The minilift (mini facelift), weekend lift, or lunchtime lift are some examples. These different trendy names and techniques are simply marketing tools and do not delineate exactly what this lift will do for you. There are also options like a mid-facelift and lower-facelift that focus on specific areas of the face. Some places may also offer a non-surgical facelift, often referred to as a liquid facelift. This treatment involves using facial fillers to restore lost volume and produces mild results that are not permanent.

It is essential to be evaluated by a trained professional facial plastic or plastic surgeon who can determine what type of lift is best for your particular case. A patient with prominent neck bands and a very obtuse neck angle would not benefit from a simple mini lift, but rather this patient needs a more extensive face and neck lift to obtain his/her aesthetic goals. Ultimately, you and your surgeon should see eye to eye and agree upon what is most important to you during the facial rejuvenation process.

Can I get large volume filler injections instead of a face lift?

Recently, a new term has entered into the facial plastic lexicon. “Deflation” describes the appearance that many individuals notice in their cheeks, temples, and areas below the eyes. A filler can help improve this appearance to a certain degree. Make no mistake, a filler is not a substitute for a face/neck lift, blepharoplasty, or brow lift. In order to achieve the volume necessary to correct this deflated appearance, a surgeon must use multiple syringes, a procedure which can become quite costly. At The Bressler Center for Facial Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, we feel that injectable fillers can be used to complement facial rejuvenation surgery. Surgery reshapes the face and redrapes lax skin and tissue, and once your face has healed, we can use the filler postoperatively, if needed.

What is the recovery time for a face/neck lift?

Depending on the extent of the lift, typically most patients can get back to work and social interaction within two to three weeks.

Your Facelift will be performed at Dr. Bressler’s office located in Houston, TX.

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