Matrix IR – Houston Fractional Skin Treatment

Published on April 11, 2014

Matrix IRSigns of aging on the face come in many forms, and wrinkles and lines tend to be the most common. Wrinkling of the skin is a result of a general loss of collagen in the skin layer. However, with rejuvenating skin treatments like Matrix IR, there are convenient, non-invasive techniques that will give your skin a boost.

Matrix IR is a non-ablative fractional laser treatment that combines with radio energy to pulse heat deep into the skin layer without harming the outermost layer. The energy is focused deep in the dermal layer of the skin to stimulate collagen growth. Collagen growth is a vital step for maintaining and rejuvenating skin health. Some patients report light redness, but there is virtually no downtime.

Consult with Dr. Fred Bressler if you have any questions about what Matrix IR can do for you.

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