Blepharoplasty – Transconjuctive Incision – Houston

Published on October 25, 2013

BlepharoplastyEyelid surgery, technically called blepharoplasty, comes in a variety of techniques. The final decision will come between you and the doctor.

In a thorough and honest consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Fred Bressler, you will be able to express your aesthetic goals. Keeping those in mind, the doctor will consider various eyelid surgery techniques that are available. An example of an available technique is the transconjunctive blepharoplasty. This technique is characterized by an incision in the interior surface of the lower eyelid, which allows the removal of excess fat in the lower eyelid with the added bonus of hidden incisions.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bressler at our office in Houston if you’d like to know more about various eyelid techniques and how they will fit your aesthetic goals.

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